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Children's Race



Our Approach.

The Kaizen projects we initiate at Youth For Future have the objective of enhancing child development in underprivileged communities, with the mission of providing children with basic necessities, to instilling an international mindset. 

We believe that each of these stages are a course which needs to be taken in order to reach our final vision, which is to cultivate globally-minded individuals from both the students involved in and impacted by our initiatives, dedicated to fostering positive change. 

Each of our initiatives is purposefully designed with the ultimate objective in mind: instilling an international mindset in the children we serve through our projects, expanding their perspectives on their potential beyond Japan.

International Mindedness

We aim to broaden children's perspectives by instilling the understanding that the world extends beyond Japan, expanding their sense of potential

Academic Support 

We strive to ensure that every student has access to a free and equal educational opportunity.

Emotional Support

We believe that emotional support is another basic necessity for the emotional wellbeing of a child.  

Basic Necessities

We believe that providing basic necessities like food and water is the foundation that allows for child development.

The Kaizen Projects.

Below are our three ongoing Kaizen Projects, continuously being put effort on by our kaizen communnity's principle: Learn, Collaborate, Impact

Family Walking

Orphanage Initiative


With other local NPOs, we aim to support and create a better environment for children in orphanages in Japan. 

Teacher and Student Playing

Kodomo-Shokudou Project


We aim to support kodomo-shokudous, while providing children who visit such facilities with free academic support. 


Mvita Primary School

Global Project

We are supporting a public primary school in Kenya, enhancing the resources and environment of education. 

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