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The Reason for Our Movement 

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International Schools

Cycle We Foster

It is important to note that all of our programs follow a structure that generates mutual benefits for both the community we impact and the volunteers involved in our initiatives.

Our approach revolves around creating meaningful differences in children's lives by teaching the international-mindedness through our international community of volunteers. This, in turn, fosters global citizenship among our volunteers.

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About Our Initiative

University Volunteers

As a youth driven non-profit organization, we strongly believe that university students are the driving force of our nonprofit organization. University students have two options to joining our team here at Youth For Future. 

  1. Join our management team: University students can become a part of the management team, which is in charge of coordinating the planning and executing the events planned successfully.

  2. Become a volunteer: Alternatively, students can become a volunteer who can join events when there is the need for volunteers by Youth For Future.

More information on each role can be viewed in the Google Form. 

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International Schools


Become a Community Partner 

School administration, teachers, or staff can consult with the school in order to get the school to become a community partner of Youth For Future. If this is complete, YFF HR Management will closley work with dedicated teachers in order to provide opportunties to students at the international school. Please note that participation in our programs are open to all age ranges, however, opportunties may change accordingly. 

Please note that we will be opening up opportunities for becoming a partner starting April 2025. 


Join with a Service Club 

At Youth For Future, we have a student-led service club network, with different internatioanl schools from Kanto working together to support the children of hope in Japan, whether that is through organizing events to raise funding, clothing, or toys for children's homes and other communities we work with. 

Joining this network will also allow the opportunitiy for these service clubs to have opportuntiy to join various volunteering expereinces at children's homes, kodomo-shokudou events, and various other events that are conducted. 

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