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Grade 4 Project.

We offer schools a program that creates a smoother pathway for students into the PYP Exhibition, allows students to expand their views on the interconnectedness of the Sustainable Development Goals, and promotes collaboration and exchanging of perspectives between G4 students in an inter-school community in Japan.

School Children

Structure of the Program.

The Grade 4 Project is split into three sections: exploration, action, and demonstration. Below are the respective sections and brief descriptions for each. 


Exploration Period

During this phase, students delve into various SDGs impacting Quality Education through interactive workshops and immersive experiences. For instance, students may explore the influence of SDG #7 Affordable and Clean Energy on education by simulating a day without electricity, coming together online with other schools to reflect on how this impacted their learning. These topics will all be explored on a weekly basis for three weeks, with each topic accompanied by an experience and an opportunity that promotes critical thinking amongst students through discussions in an inter-school environment.


Action Period

Following the exploration period, students form groups and embark on a phase dedicated to taking action based on their learnings. They choose from five types of actions outlined in the Primary Years Programme (PYP): participation, advocacy, social justice, social entrepreneurship, and lifestyle choices. Students may base their actions on the SDGs studied during the exploration period or select a new SDG to explore its impact on education. This phase is scheduled for four weeks, but adjustments can be made in consultation with homeroom teachers.


Fundraising and Community Action

Finally, students will come together in one of the participating schools and create their booths to showcase and demonstrate their learning, findings, results, and actions from this program. The demonstration session will be organized to allow students to explore other projects, as well as present their projects in front of other participating schools.

- Overview of the G4 Project -

Overall, the Grade 4 project is an excellent opportunity for students to get prepared for their PYP Exhibition within an inter-school environment that allows students to understand the interconnectedness of the Sustainable Development Goals 

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