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The Reason for Our Movement 

Our Purpose

Our mission is to support children of hope in Japanese society by maximizing their potential and dreams through exposing them to international culture and diversity.


We refer to "children of hope" to those whose potential have not been maximized. This includes supporting children who are in children's homes as well as those who go to kodomo-shokudos. 

Our mission as Youth For Future is to maximize their potential and instill a sense of hope by getting them to dream big, with a more specific focus on making sure that the world is much bigger than Japan, and the opportunities are endless. 

30,000+ children

in Japan live in children's homes

73% of children

in homes live complete secondary education

15% of children

in homes complete higher education 

Why International Mindedness?

Japanese society has historically been characterized by its relative homogeneity and limited exposure to international diversity, which can lead to a narrower worldview among its citizens, and especially to children.

However, as Japan is become increasingly more diverse, with this trend expected to continue, we want to give an advantage to the children we impact through allowing them to leverage the internationalism we expose them to when they most of them become independent at the age of 18. 

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Our Approach.

Our approach in order to foster an international mindset among children follow three main aspects: teaching English, immersing children in an international environment, and creating hands-on and in-person experiences for children to be exposed to foreign countries while still being in Japan. 

Book Pages

Teaching English

We put strong emphasis towards teaching and enhancing the children’s English proficiency, as we believe that being proficient in this language opens up various potential future opportunities for the children.

Studying in Groups

Cultural Interaction

We want to emphasize to the children that the world is much bigger than Japan, enriching their global perspectives and instilling dreams that extend beyond Japanese society.

Urban Landscape

International Environment Exposure

In order to eliminate the limitation of the children having dreams in Japan, we aim to inspire the children by taking them to international locations and environments within Japan, driving further curiosity on the world beyond Japan. 

About Our Initiative

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Children's Home Initiative

Our children's Home initiative is a program we have launched in order to promote international mindedness to children in the homes. We believe that through participating in our programs, children will be able to gain various skills and knowledge to thrive in Japan's growing multicultural society and become the bridge between Japan and foreign society, when they are 18 and independent. 

Through our programs we aim to build these children to become individuals who are globally minded, expanding their dreams that are limited to Japan, allowing these children to dream big. 

About Our Programs

Weekly Visits

In collaboration with YouMeWe NPO, our volunteers currently go weekly to engage with students in children homes. This partnership with YouMeWe allows them to run their digital literacy classes and teaching of other skillsets through the supplyment of our volunteer from various nationalities and backgrounds. 

Nature Retreats

Recently, we have communicated with Mirai no Mori NPO, which aim to empower children in homes through nature retreats. Starting late 2024, our volunteers will be partaking in volunteering through Mirai no Mori's initiatives. This includes participating in their monthly nature retreat programs, annual summer programs, and the other exiciting events they have to offer. 

DAA Summer Camp

We will be supporting YouMeWe's annual DAA summer camps through leveraging our international community of volunteers who currently go to top universities in Japan including University of Tokyo, Keio, Waseda, Sophia, and many more. 

Collecting Donations

Alongside the mission of providing children with international mindedness, we believe that in order to reach this point, it is essential for us to ensure that these children have their basic necessities met. Through leveraging the international school community we have, we aim to collect donation of devices, clothing, and books to empower the kids in the children's homes.

Interesting in our initiative? Get involved Today!

The Kaizen Community.

The Kaizen community operates through distinct divisions, strategically designed to foster a continuous journey towards a global citizen mindset. Our approach is twofold: not only do we instill this transformative perspective, but we also inspire actionable initiatives that bring about lasting impacts on schools in underdeveloped communities. Join us in the pursuit of sustainable education and meaningful change for a brighter future.

School Children

Primary Division

Our Primary School Division aims to get students to become better global citizens through inter-school collaborative events that will enhance the ability of critical thinking and awareness through the exploration of different global issues, allowing them to become better global citizens in the future. 

In Class

High School Division

Students in high school can register their school club or establish a new club under the name of YFF (ex. YFF Division @HJIS). Students from each international school in our community can choose the Kaizen project they would like to be involved in.

College Campus

University Division

University students from top universities in Japan can either become a part of our management team or our pool of university student volunteers, directly supporting YFF's Kaizen Projects. This division is the foundation of YFF, sustaining overall operations.

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