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Who We Are

What makes YFF possible

Youth For Future is an organization that is driven by the  collaboration of youth across Japan. Starting as an IB CAS project in 2021, it is now aiming and preparing to become a fully registered non-profit organization in Japan.

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Our History

In its early stages, YFF's primary objective was to connect service clubs across different international schools in Japan, working towards raising awareness and taking action on the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


Rather than passing the project to another IB student, the organization's founder, Emre Caglar, decided to elevate it by planning to register it as a non-profit organization in mid-2023. However, the leadership team recognized a need for a more defined mission and vision for YFF, feeling that focusing on all SDGs was not effective.

In late 2023, after numerous planning sessions and increased involvement of university students, YFF transitioned into a non-profit organization with a focus on improving education quality in both underdeveloped and developed countries.

As YFF, our current aim is to achieve this goal through a newly launched initiative called "Project Kaizen." This project embodies our strategy to impact underprivileged communities of children in Japan and globally, while instilling a service-learning mindset to students supporting our initiatives. 

Now, YFF collaborates with various NPOs and organizations which have the vision of helping children in various underprivielged communities. 

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