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If you are a student you can take action today by starting your own YFF branch at your school or university. Learn more about how to start one on this page.


The Kaizen Community

The objective of the high school division is to cultivate a community of motivated students committed to make continuous improvements in educational quality and the overall development for children in underprivileged communities. We facilitate this experience by empowering high-school students to join the exclusive YFF Kaizen community with their service club, enabling them to take part in various Kaizen Projects.


The Kaizen Community.

As of early 2024, our Project Kaizen community consists of three international schools in the Kanto Prefecture.

Our Community.

The primary objective of the Kaizen community is to collectively take part in immersive, hands-on experiences both locally in Japan and abroad, as well as to work together to financially support children in underprivileged communities.


This unique community is split into two parts, divided into the Japanese schools and international school divisions, with various opportunities that allow for mixing between these two divisions.

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Join the Movement Today.

Registering Your Club

If you already have a service club, you can register into our Kaizen community through filling out the link below. 

New YFF Branch Formation

If you do not have a service club, you can form a club under the name YFF, calling it "YFF Branch @(your school's name). After established, you will be able to join our kaizen community. 

Join Our Community

Join us with your school club or make your own branch today! 

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