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Youth For Future’s operations are driven by secondary and university students from diverse nationalities in Japan. Driven by a shared passion for making a significant difference in students' education worldwide, we come together to initiate impactful changes and foster global learning opportunities for all students. 

Introducing the CEO

Emre Caglar is an 18-year old who was born and raised in Japan, with both his parents being Turkish. He attended international schools in both Tokyo and Yokohama for since Preschool, and is now moving onto studying Economics at Keio University. 

He founded YFF in 2021 with a clear goal: to promote all 17 Sustainable Development Goals through action and awareness. For the past few years, he has been someone who is passionate about promoting and taking action for all the SDGs. 

However, with a stronger passion towards education and to also create a clearer vision for the organization, the leadership of YFF collectively decided to shift from focusing on all the SDGs to just quality education.  

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History of Youth For Future

Emre Caglar founded YFF in 2021 with a clear goal: to promote all 17 Sustainable Development Goals through action and awareness. The organization achieved this by collaborating with clubs from different international schools in Japan. Starting with just three core members, the group operating YFF expanded to over 30 students by 2023.


Past events organized by YFF focused on making different age groups, from primary to high school, aware of and engaged with the Sustainable Development Goals. For instance, they conducted annual Environmental Flipgrid Weeks for primary students to understand the climate crisis. The organization also held joint events like trash pickups, involving students from various schools, with attendance often exceeding 30 participants.


In September 2023, YFF revamped its mission to have a more focused impact. The leadership decided to prioritize aiding students in both Less Economically Developed Countries (LEDCs) and developed nations. The organization's new emphasis is on equipping LEDC students with school supplies and building water wells, creating a conducive and effective learning environment. 

Board Members

Emre Caglar

Founder and CEO

Sena Yamamoto

Vice President 

Enes Komuro


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