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Relaunch of Youth For Future!

As Youth For Future, we are excited to announce that we are fully transitioning into an organization that specifically focuses on improving the education standards for students in low economically developed countries (LEDCs).

We are proud to released our new mission and vision statement which are presented below.


As an organization dedicated to empowering youth worldwide, Youth For Future (YFF) strives to make a lasting impact by fostering educational opportunities for economically disadvantaged students in low-income countries. In addition, we provide a range of initiatives designed to nurture the growth and development of young people globally.


Our vision is to create a global educational landscape where every student has access to sustainable, affordable, and nurturing environments that foster growth, learning, and academic achievement.

We are really excited to help improve the quality of education in these ELDCs through two specific ways.

We will be donating school supply to hundreds and in the near future, hopefully thousands of students in these countries. On top of this, we are planning on building and opening up multiple water wells in schools in these LEDCs.

Together, we believe that through small changes, we can make an impact on these students lives.

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