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Project Kaizen


Project Kaizen aims to foster continuous improvement in school communities across underdeveloped, developing, and developed countries, drawing inspiration from the principle of the word, "Kaizen" which refers to continuous improvement. 

By providing opportunities for students in developed nations to assist those in underdeveloped countries, we foster a cycle. This cycle transforms students in developed countries into global citizens aware of their privilege, motivated to aid those who need educational resources and support in school communities of underdeveloped countries.

This approach is designed to prepare students for the complexities of a changing world, fostering critical thinking, collaboration, and a sense of responsibility. 

Students Building Windmill

The Divisions

Project Kaizen operates through distinct divisions, strategically designed to foster a continuous journey towards a global citizen mindset. Our approach is twofold: not only do we instill this transformative perspective, but we also inspire actionable initiatives that bring about lasting impacts on schools in underdeveloped communities. Join us in the pursuit of sustainable education and meaningful change for a brighter future.

Primary Division

Our Primary School Division aims to get students to become better global citizens through inter-school collaborative events that will enhance the ability of critical thinking and awareness through the exploration of different global issues. 

Our plan is to implement these events in a way that will allow a smooth transition for students into the PYP Exhibition and the middle school program. 

High School Division

The High School Division will be an opportunity for the students to fully engage with the communities that we are serving. Students in high school will be able to open up YFF branches at their own schools. Each year, we will hold a competition with all the participating YFF branches, where the winning branch will be able to go to the community that is being focused on and fundraised towards. 

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